10 Rillington Place (1971) 1080p YIFY Movie

10 Rillington Place (1971) 1080p

Based on the real-life case of the British serial killer John Christie, and what happened to his neighbours Tim and Beryl Evans.

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The Synopsis for 10 Rillington Place (1971) 1080p

London, 1949. is an unassuming, middle-aged man who, along with his wife Ethel, lives in the ground-floor flat at 10 Rillington Place. His demeanor masks the fact of being a serial killer. His modus operandi is to act as a person with a medical background, lure unsuspecting women to his apartment on the pretense of curing them of some ailment, knock them unconscious with carbon monoxide gas, gain his sexual release through contact with the unconscious body, then strangle the victim dead before disposing of the body somewhere in the house or outside area. His next intended target is Beryl Evans, a young woman who has just moved into the top flat in the house. Beryl's husband, Tim Evans, is an illiterate man who likes to put on airs. Already with an infant daughter named Geraldine, the Evanses learn they are going to have another baby, which they cannot afford to have, nor can they afford to abort the pregnancy. This problem, on top of the constant issue of lack of money ...

The Director and Players for 10 Rillington Place (1971) 1080p

[Director]Richard Fleischer
[Role:]Richard Attenborough
[Role:]John Hurt
[Role:]Judy Geeson

The Reviews for 10 Rillington Place (1971) 1080p

Excellent film version of a true crimeReviewed byThe_VoidVote: 8/10

There's a whole host of films from the great decade that was the seventies that have gone on to not get the praise that they so rightly deserve, and if one were to make a list of those films; 10 Rillington Place would feature in a prominent position. The film follows the true story of serial killer John Christie, who murdered a series of women in the late forties. His modus operandi is to murder his victims with gas, shortly before having sex with the corpse. Despite this shocking premise, the film always sees fit to focus more on the reality of the situation than the actual murders themselves. Despite not being graphic, this actually makes the film more shocking as we are constantly reminded of the things that go on behind what people allow us to know about ourselves. The murderer in this story is just a normal man. A nice man, in fact. People trust him, and even respect him; yet despite all this, the man is a stone cold killer. The realistic way that the story is approached, combined with the fact that these are real events ensures that 10 Rillington Place is a morbidly fascinating watch.

Richard Attenborough takes the lead role and does fantastically well with it. His calm mannerisms and nonthreatening demeanour clash well with the underlying evil of his character and we really can believe that this man is a maniac. The film was made in the United Kingdom, I'm proud to say, and this is obvious throughout. UK films have a certain atmosphere about them, and although I didn't know that this movie was homegrown before watching it; it soon became apparent. This style bodes well with the theme of the film, as it's downtrodden and makes sure that the film is firmly planted in the land in which the story took place. The idea of an innocent man not only going down, but being killed, for a crime he did not commit is shocking and the cold way that it is presented in this film reflects the fact that it actually happened and also gives it more of a degree of shock. On the whole, 10 Rillington Place is a film that shouldn't be missed by anyone. It's not all that well known, but this is unfair considering the quality of it and I wont hesitate to recommend this movie to people in the future.

No relation to Agatha.Reviewed byF Gwynplaine MacIntyreVote: 10/10

Richard Fleischer directed several films dramatising real-life murders; '10 Rillington Place' is his re-enactment of John Christie's murders, adapted by Ludovic Kennedy from his book on the case. (Full disclosure: Kennedy is a colleague of mine. He and his late wife Moira Shearer sometimes invited me to their home in Avebury.) This film, shot largely in the actual locations, benefits from note-perfect reconstruction of England and Wales in the ration-book days of meat-safes and doss-houses.

I'm almost but not quite old enough to remember first-hand the scandal of Christie's murders, the false conviction and execution of Timothy Evans, and Christie's trial and execution. Interestingly, the on-screen depiction here of Evans's hanging differs significantly from the same event's depiction in the later film 'Pierrepoint'. As I watched '10 Rillington Place', I trembled with nostalgia at the achingly beautiful shots of the Glamorganshire region where the real Timothy Evans lived. The Notting Hill locations also evoked memories for me.

Richard Attenborough -- an under-rated actor before he tried to become Sir David Lean -- is quietly brilliant here in his depiction of Christie. More showily brilliant, in a more difficult role, is John Hurt as Evans. Hurt's fake Glamorgan accent and his genuinely melanocytic face are employed to fine effect here. It beggars belief that an innocent man would confess to the murders, as Evans did: Hurt's deft performance makes Evans's bizarre 'storifying' seem touchingly plausible.

Kennedy's screenplay makes some minor (and unnecessary) deviations from the actual case, but I was more disturbed by a couple of lapses. Some dialogue cites an earlier occasion when Evans claimed his father was an Italian nobleman, but this is the first we're hearing of it. Christie's sudden transition from steady row-house tenant to unstable dosser and bench-kipper was explained in Kennedy's book, but not here: why would Christie move out, when he must have expected the next tenant to find the bodies?

Christie had been a 'special' (auxiliary) policeman during the Blitz and the fire-watch. In this film's opening scene, Attenborough as Christie wears a constable's uniform whilst luring a pregnant woman to his flat, ostensibly to give her an illegal abortion but actually intending to kill her. Evidently he wears the uniform so that she'll trust him, but -- since women seeking abortions in 1940s Britain were aggressively prosecuted -- I believe that it would have had the opposite effect.

I was intrigued when Attenborough as the semi-educated Christie shows off his expertise by referring to carbon monoxide as 'CO2': clearly, Kennedy and Fleischer trust the audience to be intelligent enough to recognise that this error is down to the character's ignorance, not the screenwriter's. My rating for '10 Rillington Place' is the same as John Christie's house number: a perfect 10.

Reviewed byVote: /10

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