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24 Hour Party People (2002)

In 1976, Tony Wilson sets up Factory Records and brings Manchester's music to the world.

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The Synopsis for 24 Hour Party People (2002) 720p

Manchester 1976: Cambridge educated Tony Wilson, Granada TV presenter, is at a Sex Pistols gig. Totally inspired by this pivotal moment in music history, he and his friends set up a record label, Factory Records, signing first Joy Division (who go on to become New Order) then James and the Happy Mondays, who all become seminal artists of their time. What ensues is a tale of music, sex, drugs, larger-than-life characters, and the birth of one of the most famous dance clubs in the world, The Hacienda - a mecca for clubbers as famous as the likes of Studio 54. Graphically depicting the music and dance heritage of Manchester from the late 70's to the early 90's, this comedy documents the vibrancy that made Mad-chester the place in the world that you would most like to be.

The Director and Players for 24 Hour Party People (2002) 720p

[Director]Michael Winterbottom
[Role:]Steve Coogan
[Role:]John Thomson
[Role:]Lennie James

The Reviews for 24 Hour Party People (2002) 720p

Reviewed byRichard FosterVote: /10

Previous reviewers of this film obviously just don't get it. This isunlikerecent Brit stinkerslike Rancid Aluminium, Down Time, or Fanny and Elvis. This is more in thetradition ofWithnail and I, Trainspotting, Lock Stock, 28 Days Later, and DogSoldiers.

The history of Factory records is chaotic and episodic. This is reflectedsuperbly in the film.The characterisations are brilliant; from Steve Coogan's portrayal of thecomplex Anthony H.Wilson to minor characters such as Dave Gorman's John the Postman. If youwere there at thetime, it all comes flooding back... if you weren't then just sit back andenjoy the portrayal ofa unique time in British popular culture...MANCHESTER 1976-1992

A Strung Out High by Thomas J. O'ConnorReviewed byThomas J. O'ConnorVote: 4/10

"24 Hour Party People" chronicles the unlikely rise of British journalist turned record producer/promoter Tony Wilson amidst the emerging Manchester music scene in the late 70's. It's questionable as to how big a role Wilson actually played in the success of such bands as the "Sex Pistols" or "Joy Division", but the screenwriter makes him the protagonist. Wilson's biggest contribution was offering a venue a la Studio 54 where the exploration of music there evolved by happenstance into what is todays Electronica genre.

The film's pace resembles the doldrums of a strung out high and is as aimless as the success that came to its real life counterparts. One of the disc's two audio commentaries features the real life Tony Wilson bemoaning the apparent sensationalism of the film in contrast to the "truth," to which the filmmakers cleverly counterpoint in the film's narrative, "When you have to choose between the truth and the legend, print the legend."

Raving ManchesterReviewed byChrysanthepopVote: 7/10

I was mislead by the trailers of '24 Hour Party People' have been very misleading. I thought it would be another 'Trainspotting' type movie about party animals. However, it's something different, something better. Though many have compared it to the likes of 'Studio 54' (Lord knows why), '24 Hour Party People' is a far better made and more effective film. Based on a true story, it takes place during the time when punk rock was subsiding and new kinds of music were born in England. Shot with a digital camera, in documentary style with some use of live footage and narrated by Tony Wilson, (who leads a double life as a TV reporter and music producer), Michael Winterbottom takes us into the rave culture in Manchester, that of sex, drugs and rock and roll. We see it all from Wilson's point of view and we are amused by the layers of his character. Coogan breathes life into Tony Wilson and brings an excellent humour in his portrayal. Paddy Considine and Shirley Henderson stand out too. Pretty much all the performances appear authentic. Watch out for cameos by Andy Serkis, Simon Pegg and Marsha Thomason and by real bandmembers. The portrayal of the Manchester culture, the scenes inside the club and the bands look very real. Winterbottom infuses loads of energy and craze to 'seduce' the viewer. He cleverly injects dry humour which only supports that this is more than just a documentary-like movie. The soundtrack is a must-have and for those who love movies about music, this is a must see.

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