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3096 Tage (3096 Days) (2013)

A young Austrian girl is kidnapped and held in captivity for eight years. Based on the factual case of Natascha Kampusch.

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The Synopsis for 3096 Tage (3096 Days) (2013) 720p

Based on real life events. 10 years old Austrian girl, was kidnapped on March 03, 1998, on her way to school. She spent 8 and a half years under strict captivity by her kidnapper, and managed to survive one of the cruelest experiences a child should never have.

The Director and Players for 3096 Tage (3096 Days) (2013) 720p

[Director]Sherry Hormann
[Role:]Antonia Campbell-Hughes
[Role:]Amelia Pidgeon
[Role:]Thure Lindhardt

The Reviews for 3096 Tage (3096 Days) (2013) 720p

Excellent acting and photography, emotionally very distantReviewed byPeter GruendlerVote: 7/10

Having followed media coverage regarding Miss Kampusch since 1998, I knew the story quite well.

The movie focused completely on her -- and only her -- situation during eight and a half years of captivity. Since the movie is based on her autobiographical book "3096 Tage", we learn very little about the kidnapper's motives and his emotional world. Also, her father's sad story is completely omitted. This is probably also the case for the book, which I haven't read.

But still, the movie didn't quite catch me. I felt no emotions whatsoever, neither for her nor for her kidnapper. Cold soberness.

However, Antonia Campbell-Hughes performed excellently throughout the story, as did Thure Lindhardt. Light and photography was also excellent, adding to the matter-of- factness of the movie.

About a girl who feared the most to take chances but overcame and did itReviewed byReno RanganVote: 8/10

The movie based on the true story of Austrian woman Natascha Kampusch. At the age of ten she was abducted by an unemployed young man called Wolfgang Priklopil and kept her in a secret cellar for the 8 long years. Warning, this movie is not suitable for everyone because the movie had many disturbing, nude scenes. It was harsh true but raw for a movie and I am happy they made this.

It's easy to find the errors on the technical aspect and the flaws of the movie but when you think of it from the girl's perspective it is totally shocking and long incident that everyone never dreamt about. So there's no point in pointing the mistakes because you are not watching it for an entertaining but to know the bitter truth, right? Natascha Kampusch was a normal young Austrian girl, she did not try any heroic endeavoring during her captivity but her bravery attempt at the end of the movie made her free from the slavery. As you see the title you will come to know almost everything about the movie even the end twist as well not complicated as one you think but when you watch the movie it tells the way it really happened.

As a kidnapper, Wolfgang Priklopil was a smarter and sharper enough. He read the girl's character and behaviour perfectly, he tried to give her freedom within the border he marked and also tortured her to make believe she's in his command. But his overconfident led him to the disaster from his perspective. In the end, good always wins over evil.

Antonia Campbell-Hughes was excellent as Natascha Kampusch and so the little version of her. I heard that she lost lots of weight for the role, I guess it's her best performance till now from those I have seen.

Remember you won't watch it for enjoy the moment, it was those movies like 'Trade' and 'Garden of the Night' that will remind you about the real pervert co-existed in our society. As per me it is a must see movie but you should keep it in your mind like I said it was a little disturbing for its adult contents.


The human spirit cannot be kept captiveReviewed byrohmer-5Vote: 10/10

I have watched this movie about 2 months ago and was surprised that no one has submitted a review for it yet. In my personal opinion, I think that we should not focus on the saucy news or inappropriate statements made by the cast of the movie as this will wrongly divert our attention from the movie. All movies, whether artistic or commercial, should be viewed as an independent work. I have not read the book but I am sure it was an extraordinary story and to bring it to screen would be a challenge. I am glad the director did it skilfully, not focusing on the abuse of the victim but on her thoughts and feelings. The perpetrator has tried various means to make her give up the hope on freedom, but the human spirit just cannot be kept captive. As humans, we all long for freedom, this is engraved into the deepest part of our soul and nothing can change that, that is why we write books, poems ,composed symphonies ,build monuments and even free a nation. Some shots of the movie let the audience perceive the world through the victim's eyes, and even her thoughts and dreams, you can clearly see although there is so little that she can see, all these glimpse of the world have gradually built up her inner strength. The drastic weight loss of the actress adds a level of realism for the movie and her nakedness make a lot of audience quiver in fear to imagine how much abuse she has taken.

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