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The Synopsis for 61* (2001) 1080p

Aiming for one of the most famed records in sports history, a pair of very different baseball players hit home runs at an impressive rate. , a reserved sort, is much less popular than his hard-partying New York Yankee teammate , the player who many observers think will be the one to challenge 's record of 60 home runs in one season. But in the summer of 1961, Maris surges ahead of Mantle, making a run at Ruth's mark.

The Director and Players for 61* (2001) 1080p

[Role:]Barry Pepper
[Role:]Anthony Michael Hall
[Role:]Thomas Jane
[Role:Director]Billy Crystal

The Reviews for 61* (2001) 1080p

Great On Tough-To-Please SubjectReviewed bysamkanVote: 7/10

I imagine the creators knew they were going to have to make some people unhappy when 61 was made. Any movie taking on what has become a personal subject to many is going to unavoidably disappoint a certain portion of its viewers. Even a flat rendering intending to take no sides, point of view, etc., will anger some whose point of view was not given prominence.

If not particularly daring, this film offers a nice throwback to melodramatic, episodic films of yesteryear; e.g., THE LOU GEHRIG STORY, the film about Dizzy Dean, etc. Nice touch to bookend 61 with Mark Maguire's breaking of Maris' record. The main emphasis on the overbearing, unfair media coverage was a little overdone. On the other hand, the special effects to create the older ballparks was terrific.

Never seen such a great job of matching actors to characters. James bears a strong resemblance to Mantle and Pepper is a dead ringer for Maris! Fun to watch if you've a son who know nothing of the 1961 chase when this viewer, indeed, remembers being told by adults that Mantle, not Maris, should break the record.

Reviewed byleczorn ([email protected])Vote: 9/10/10

Being 33 years old as of this writing, I knew little about the RogerMaris-Mickey Mantle home run chase of 1961 until the Mark McGwire-SammySosa home run chase of 1998. I didn't learn a whole lot about the '61chase in '98 but I learned enough to develop a solid interest in it.

Still, I didn't have very high hopes for "61*." Most of the made for TVmovies that I've seen haven't made a strong impression on me, includingthose made for cable TV, as this was (for HBO). Furthermore, I've neverbeen a big Billy Crystal fan. Though I love comedy, I've never foundhim to be that funny. And I didn't have a lot of confidence in him tomake a good drama, either.

And on top of all that, I often find sports biography movies to bedisappointing, often leaving out important details while at the sametime over-Hollywoodizing. "Rudy," for example. But when I saw the DVDof "61*" at a Family Dollar store, priced at just $6, I took a chanceand bought it. And I'm glad I did!

Crystal won tremendous respect from me with this movie. Almostflawlessly, he tells one of the most interesting single season sportsstories that I know of. And I know of more than probably 99% of theAmerican population!

From the start, the 1961 Major League Baseball season was ripe to be aclassic. Babe Ruth's single season home run record of 60, set in 1927,was more vulnerable than ever because of two major changes. The LosAngeles (later California and now Anaheim) Angels and WashingtonSenators (now Texas Rangers) began play, thus spreading the pitchingtalent more thinly. And the regular season increased in length from 154games - which had also been the season length in 1927 - to 162, as itremains today.

The biggest reason why I find the '61 chase more interesting than the'98 chase is that in '61, the top two contenders were teammates. Bothplayed for - who else - the New York Yankees. One was Mickey Mantle(played by Thomas Jane), who had already spent a decade with theYankees and was unquestionably the biggest star of the day. The otherwas Roger Maris (Barry Pepper), who was much less heralded. Maris hadjust emerged as a star the year before, winning the American LeagueMost Valuable Player award in his Yankees debut, which followed threesolid but unspectacular years with other Major League teams.

Both Mantle and Maris hailed from rural states - Oklahoma and NorthDakota, respectively - but were very different people. Mantleepitomized the word "superstar." Besides excelling at every area of thegame, he was a charismatic, care free party animal and a fan favorite,the natural heir to Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio and otherlegends. In sharp contrast, Maris was an introvert who largely shunnedthe spotlight. He loved the game but never attempted to be what themedia and fans wanted him to be.

(On a side note, I'm a Maris sympathizer because I can relate to beingrejected by people who I don't bother simply because I don't follow thecrowd and I believe in judging people based on substance more thananything else. Yankees fans should have loved Maris and embraced hisphenomenal achievement that year.)

As the season progressed and both Mantle and Maris stayed near the paceto break Ruth's record, it was obvious that the fans favored Mantle byfar. And when Mantle was slowed by injuries, the fans generally rangedfrom lukewarm to hostile in their treatment of Maris as he neared therecord. For example, the Yankees' last game of the regular season,which they hosted, drew a crowd of just 22,000 even though Marisentered the game tied with Ruth and even though the Yankees went on towin the World Series that year.

This is a sharp contrast to 1998, when McGwire regularly filledstadiums in pursuit of Maris' record even though McGwire's team didn'teven make the playoffs that season. And in sharp contrast to McGwire'senthusiasm for breaking the record, Maris did not seem to get a lot ofjoy out of it. He had a difficult time dealing with negativity from themedia and fans and also missed the birth of a son during the season.

There are so many things to love about "61*" that it's hard to listthem all. The movie does a great job recreating 1961 in every way.Crystal even managed to find actors to play not only most of thesignificant Yankees of the season but also many of their opponents.That is not the case with most sports biography movies.

Pepper and Jane both give excellent performances and strongly resemblethe men who they play. And the movie is very fair and balanced. Itpresents the perspectives of both Mantle and Maris and gives us an upclose look at their relationship behind the scenes, which was fairlygood, all things considered. Mantle even moved in with Maris during theseason.

The movie doesn't white wash either man, neither of whom was squeakyclean, but it doesn't resort to sensationalism, either. For example, itshows Mantle drink alcohol enough in the movie that we realize he dranktoo much alcohol, but it doesn't dwell on that fact. In addition, themovie gives us insight into Mantle's philosophy. The men in his familyall died by the age of 45 so he figured he wasn't going to live a longlife and therefore didn't see a need to take good care of himself.

(Shortly before his death from cancer in 1995 at the age of 63, heacknowledged that he would have taken care of himself had he known thathe was going to live so long. And in response to witnessing by formerYankees teammate Bobby Richardson, who became a minister after retiringfrom baseball, Mantle repented and became a Christian.)

I've found little to criticize about this movie. I've discovered only afew inaccuracies in it - far less than other sports biography movies -and most are minor. The main thing that I wish Crystal had donedifferently was to give some information about what ended up happeningto Mantle and Maris.

Both largely went downhill from there. After a 1962 season that wasvery good, but far below his '61 magic, Maris fell into mediocrity andinjuries. He never made the Hall of Fame and died of lymphoma on Dec.14, 1985 (my 15th birthday) at the age of 15.

Mantle had a few more good seasons, but soon his hard living caught upwith him, as mentioned above.

In addition to the movie, the DVD of "61*" contains an excellent 51minute documentary about the movie, the Yankees and the '61 season,hosted by Crystal. The documentary contains extensive information aboutthe making of the movie and lots of great stories from Crystal, whoselove for and vast knowledge of both the game and the Yankees isabsolutely infectious.

However, because this movie is unrated, I caution you that this is nota family movie. There is enough profanity and crude sexual humor to getit at least an easy PG-13 rating.

In conclusion, the movie and the documentary combine to make "61*" agreat buy, especially if you find it at as low a price as I did! 9/10.

Reviewed byMichael O'KeefeVote: 8/10/10

This is a wonderful piece of work from director and executive producer BillyCrystal. A powerful and personal story of the little known amiablerelationship between Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle during that dramatic homerun race of 1961. The two sluggers were always pictured as being bitterrivals. This is a whole different tale.

Mantle(Thomas Jane)being the Yankees 'golden boy' and Maris(Barry Pepper)theridiculed interloper learned to coexist and become the M & M Boys. Mantlebeing jaded by the press offered his best advice to the often stoic andsullen Maris on matters of surviving publicity. Most of the home run chasewas like a masterpiece on canvas. Maris never seemed to get the respect hedeserved, but his fortitude garnered him a place in baseball history. 61*would of course become 61 and then later shattered and surpassed by anotherhome run chase.

This movie deserves being ranked among the elite of sports movies and one ofthe best baseball flicks ever. Pepper is outstanding as Maris. Jane takes alittle warming up to as the Mick. A very talented supporting cast includes:Richard Masur, Bruce McGill & Christopher Bauer. Plus most impressive isBilly Crystal's daughter, Jennifer, playing Pat Maris.

This is a must see for every sports fan!

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