A Home of Our Own (1993) 1080p YIFY Movie

A Home of Our Own (1993) 1080p

The story begins in Los Angeles when Frances Lacey (Kathy Bates) takes her six children and drives north to find a home of their own away from the bad influences of the big city.

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The Synopsis for A Home of Our Own (1993) 1080p

The story begins in Los Angeles when Frances Lacey (Kathy Bates) takes her six children and drives north to find a home of their own away from the bad influences of the big city.

The Director and Players for A Home of Our Own (1993) 1080p

[Director]Tony Bill
[Role:]Edward Furlong
[Role:]Kathy Bates
[Role:]Sarah Schaub
[Role:]Clarissa Lassig

The Reviews for A Home of Our Own (1993) 1080p

As Close to Home as it GetsReviewed bynabor7Vote: 7/10

This movie was as close to home as it gets. We were not as poor as the Lacey's, but some of our Christmas's were skimpy. I particularly thought the casting was good and the plot line was very believable. When my grandparents first got indoor plumbing, the whole family gathered at their house to celebrate. No more long cold trips during winter! I imagine that most people who watched this movie was critiquing the character development and other mundane points, but anyone who has been lacking the common necessities was looking at this in a far different light. At first I thought more interaction with between Murray and the junkyard owner would have helped, then I realized that this was about Frances and her struggle to provide for her children. Some of the kids characters were never developed but it didn't matter. They were shown to be suffering during the bad times and enjoying the good times. I want to watch it again to see what I missed.

TouchingReviewed bysigningemmaVote: 8/10

Movies about real live people, especially that have worked so hard to overcome and endure are heartwarming. I am grateful to see that there is good in the world and everyone is not self-absorbed.

Sometimes people are faced with trials they have no control over. Keeping positive and looking to the future usually ends in better results than sulking and complaining.

No one wishes for hard luck to fall on others. We need to remember that if we currently are prosperous, we should consider those in need. It may turn out that they can help us in the future. This is a great movie that reminds us of what it means to be human and charitable.

Leaving L.A.Reviewed byjotix100Vote: 7/10

"A Home of our Own" is a film that shows the struggle of a poor woman with six children who has had it with her life in Los Angeles. When she loses her menial job, she decides to pack it and move on. We saw this film when it first came out, but watched it again when it showed on cable the other night. The film was directed by Tony Bill.

The best thing going for the movie is Kathy Bates. As the determined and strong Frances Lacey, she does amazing work. Ms. Bates, one of our best character actresses, is a joy in the film. One thing that comes clear is her love for her children and her determination to get ahead. By relocating in a remote area of Idaho, her gamble pays off. Not only is she able to succeed in getting her own home, thanks to the kind Japanese man who owns the land, but she gives the children a positive lesson on how to be somebody and to struggle for what they want. Edward Furlong, as Shayne, also makes a great contribution to the film.

Watch it because the heart warming story.

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