Dead Man on Campus (1998) 1080p YIFY Movie

Dead Man on Campus (1998) 1080p

Dead Man on Campus is a movie starring Tom Everett Scott, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, and Poppy Montgomery. Two college roommates go out and party, resulting in bad grades. They learn of the clause that says, "If your roommate dies, you...

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The Synopsis for Dead Man on Campus (1998) 1080p

Josh, (Scott) a college student on a scholarship, gets taught the about crazy nightlife of being in college by his unreliable roommate Cooper (Gosselaar) and fails his midterms due to being unprepared. With Cooper's father no longer willing to pay his son's way through college, and Josh needing to keep up his grades or risk losing his scholarship, the two learn of a hidden clause in the school's rules that basically says "if your roommate commits suicide, you get straight A's." Since neither are willing to do so, they instead decide to invite a suicidal colleague in. - and push him over the edge.

The Director and Players for Dead Man on Campus (1998) 1080p

[Director]Alan Cohn
[Role:]Mark-Paul Gosselaar
[Role:]Tom Everett Scott
[Role:]Lochlyn Munro
[Role:]Poppy Montgomery

The Reviews for Dead Man on Campus (1998) 1080p

"Man this is classic."Reviewed byMrsAnthonyHowellVote: 7/10

Picture the scene, a quiet straight A student from a small town in Indiana, meets a loud beer drinking weed smoking toilet cleaner. Obviously they become best friends, so close in fact that many think they are gay (there is a great scene in the bushes "Cooper, they probably thought we were making out back here." The toilet cleaner leads the straight A student astray and the bob's your uncle he fails his exams, and struggles to keep his scholarship. Cue another hilarious scene in the pub with the "Some people eat bugs. Ergh!" man, and they find out that if their roommate commits suicide - automatic A's. Cue hilarity as they try to find the perfect roommate to push over the edge. From the goth who laughs (**scandal**) and Buckly Schrank who thinks Bill gates wants to steal the other half of his brain (half of it went a Newark airport) But the stage is stolen by Lochlyn Munroe as Clifford O Malley, a psycho! ("His name is Cliff, brother of Joe, he's got him some crack, he wants him some ho!") A great title sequence and an excellent soundtrack, this film has it all. Big stars such as Mark Paul, Tom and Alyson [Hannigan] are vastly overshadowed by the virtual unknowns who play their hapless victims, Corey's 'sperm' is haunting.

A brilliant film. I give it just what Josh needs, no not a bong hit, no not a study buddy, no not a jemmy (classic) 4 a+++!


Great premise, bad filmReviewed byMeredith-7Vote: 5/10

The idea for this was great, the story was absolutely terrible (but it didn't need to be). The first half was fine until they starting introducing the suicidal contenders...this should have supplied this lacklustre film with it's finest moments, but it just dragged it down instead. The pseudo trouble rocker was O.K, the computer genius/nerd was under utilised but the crazy guy was really annoying. Watch at own risk!

A very funny performance by Mark-Paul Gosselaar.Reviewed bychrisbrown6453Vote: 8/10

Dead man on Campus is one of those movies that need not be taken seriously. As with all Mtv production films, it is completely full of stupid jokes and played out clichés. However, in this case, the casting of Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Saved by the Bell) and Tom Everett Scott (That Thing You Do & American Werewolf in Paris) was a brilliant choice.

Gosselaar plays Cooper Frederickson, a wise ass, no studying slacker who goes to college only to distance himself from his toilet-cleaning father. Josh Miller (Scott) is Cooper's roommate who is studying to become a doctor. At first he is all about studying, but very soon after meeting up with Cooper, all those studying thoughts drifted away. Cooper and Josh party like all the other 33% of college students, and forget all about studying.

After Josh fails his mid-terms, he finds out that there is absolutely no possible way for him to accumulate the B+ average to keep his scholarship. With the help of a patron of the local bar, Cooper and Josh devise a plan to move a suicidal student into their room so that when he kills himself, they will receive straight A's.

The film shows Josh and Cooper `testing' a few students and trying to get them to kill themselves. There are many scenes of this movie that had me laughing hysterically on the floor. Lochlyn Munro (Scary Movie & Night at the Roxbury) plays Cliff, a crazy, partier who looks like he is about to do something stupid and get himself killed. He is so funny in this movie!

I like this movie very much, and not just because some of it, the scenes on the bridge, were filmed about 3 blocks from my house in Modesto, Ca., but because it stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar. It is very unclear to me why his career has never taken off after Saved by the Bell. I hope to see him more in the years to come. This movie should definitely be watched by anyone attending college and thinks that their grades are bad.

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