Gunfight in Abilene (1967) 1080p YIFY Movie

Gunfight in Abilene (1967) 1080p

Gunfight in Abilene is a movie starring Bobby Darin, Emily Banks, and Leslie Nielsen. Fighting in the Civil War a man accidently kills his friend. Returning to Abilene after the war he finds his former sweetheart about to marry the...

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  • Run Time: 86
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The Synopsis for Gunfight in Abilene (1967) 1080p

Fighting in the Civil War a man accidently kills his friend. Returning to Abilene after the war he finds his former sweetheart about to marry the brother of the man he killed. To pay his debt he not only refuses to win her back but takes the job of Sheriff, a job he doesn't want, when the brother asks him. Still haunted by the killing he refuses to carry a gun. But there is trouble between the ranchers and the farmers and when he finds the brother murdered he straps on a gun and heads after the killer.

The Director and Players for Gunfight in Abilene (1967) 1080p

[Director]William Hale
[Role:]Donnelly Rhodes
[Role:]Bobby Darin
[Role:]Leslie Nielsen
[Role:]Emily Banks

The Reviews for Gunfight in Abilene (1967) 1080p

Amy. If I run now I'm finished.Reviewed bySpikeopathVote: 4/10

Gunfight in Abilene is directed by William Hale and adapted to screenplay by John Black and Bernie Giler from the story "Gun Shy" written by Clarence Upson Young. It stars Bobby Darin, Emily Banks, Leslie Nielsen and Don Galloway. Music is by Darin, with Joseph Gershenson overseeing things, and cinematography is by Maury Gertsman. Out of Universal Pictures it's a Technicolor/Techniscope production.

Young's story had already made it to the big screen in 1956 as Showdown at Abilene, where Giler also adapted the screenplay and Howard Christie again produced. That Jock Mahoney starrer is a decent Oater, a safe story of formula with a solid lead performance, but certainly nothing to get excited about. But by comparison to the 1967 remake it's a masterpiece! Plot sees Darin's Confederate soldier accidentally kill a pal during the war and swears off guns forever. Upon the war's end he returns to Abilene, gets coerced into becoming the peaceable sheriff and has to clean up the town without using guns. Not easy since there is a war raging between the cattlemen and the farmers and he is pitched into the middle of it. Will he take up arms again? Will he find contented love in the arms of Amy Martin? (Banks) Will the accidental killing of his pal in the war surface in Abilene? Will you even care some hour and a half later? Answers on a postcard please.

What few reviews of the film on line there is, sees it having a mixed reputation. The positive ones, you feel, have to come from Darin's adoring fans. But hey! I'm a fan of his music too, but watching him in this I kept thinking it would be so much better to hear him suddenly sing Mack the Knife instead. Same thing with Leslie Nielsen, who whilst desperately trying to make a go of playing a villain, just has one thinking of certain comedies down the line! Banks is pretty but pretty dull as an actress, the Technicolor is sub-standard (the Techniscope format exasperating this fact), and outdoor scenery is minimal since picture is 99% shot on the Universal sound stage.

There's a good fist fight in the mix and the final show down is well staged and shot in off kilter angles. But this is poor and only really for Darin purists and very undemanding Western fans. Perhaps the last word should rest with Darin himself, who with a smirk on his face once quipped that the film was better titled as Gunfight at S**t Creek! 4/10

Slow, boring and predictable. Avoid it.Reviewed bychipeVote: 7/10

Awful movie. I am doing a real service here warning Western fans to avoid it. I liked the title, hadn't seen it before, and was very hopeful. But it is only for Bobby Darin fans.

It is slow, boring and predictable. The action was few and boring. Darin had no stage presence for a Western hero. I can't think of anything positive to say about it. Mediocre everything: screenplay mainly, then acting and directing. Everything about the movie was small; no wonder the director mainly worked in TV. This dud of a movie went slow and fast at the same time. Most of it dragged along with the few characters, all uninteresting, and then at the end these scenes occur quickly: the big reveal to Nielsen, and the fate of Nielsen and ex-sheriff Joe Slade. It shows how bad the movie was when reviewers can only praise the song "Amy,' which was pleasant and passable.

A Bobby Darin Western!Reviewed byjoandanielsVote: 7/10

I am, of late, a serious Bobby Darin fan. I didn't see Gunfight in 1967 when it was released, but was fortunate enough to track down a copy just recently. The film was badly panned by the critics in its day, but I gotta tell, I loved it. It's one of the few films Bobby Darin made in which he's the central character and he's on-screen throughout the movie. For this reason alone, it's a must-see for true Bobby Darin fans. I think that Bobby Darin was a good actor and very much underrated. Gunfight is fast-paced, entertaining, and if the plot is a bit predictable, well probably most westerns back in those days were somewhat predictable. Bobby Darin also wrote the musical score for this film, including a beautiful song called "Amy." And, of course, he sings the title song. I think it was one of his finest efforts and it's one my personal favorites.

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