Who's Harry Crumb? (1989) 1080p YIFY Movie

Who's Harry Crumb? (1989) 1080p

Who's Harry Crumb? is a movie starring John Candy, Jeffrey Jones, and Annie Potts. Harry Crumb is a bumbling and inept private investigator who is hired to solve the kidnapping of a young heiress which he's not expected to solve...

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The Synopsis for Who's Harry Crumb? (1989) 1080p

Harry is the latest generation of the Crumbs, famous and extremely talented detectives. Unfortunately talent seems to have skipped a generation and Harry is reduced to "gumshoe" work at a remote branch of the Crumb detective agency. Back at headquarters, Crumb executive Elliot Draison hatches an evil plan which requires the inclusion of an incompetent detective. With Harry Crumb on the case Draison thinks everything will run fine for him. Despite his best efforts Crumb actually makes some headway in the case...

The Director and Players for Who's Harry Crumb? (1989) 1080p

[Director]Paul Flaherty
[Role:]Tim Thomerson
[Role:]John Candy
[Role:]Jeffrey Jones
[Role:]Annie Potts

The Reviews for Who's Harry Crumb? (1989) 1080p

Definitely one of the weaker points in the career of the talented and missed John CandyReviewed byElectrified_VoltageVote: 5/10

"Who's Harry Crumb?" is a title I have now been familiar with for a few years, and I original came across that title simply due to John Candy's starring role in the film. I was only 7? years old when that renowned comedian passed away, and I never heard his name until probably several years later. It wasn't until over a decade after his premature death when I finally discovered how talented he was by seeing episodes of "SCTV" and the 1987 John Hughes film, "Planes, Trains & Automobiles". However, I was obviously in no hurry to see "Who's Harry Crumb?" since it's been probably about five years since I first heard of it and I've finally just seen it for the first time. This is not one of Candy's more popular movies, and unsurprisingly not one that I like.

Jennifer Downing is the daughter of a millionaire named P.J. Downing, and one day, during a mud massage at a health spa, she is kidnapped! When P.J. seeks help from the Crumb & Crumb detective agency, Eliot Draisen, the president of this agency, puts Harry Crumb on the case. Harry comes from a long family line of skilled detectives, but unfortunately, he hasn't inherited the skills of his predecessors. Although this man means well, he is actually a very clumsy and incompetent detective, and there's a good chance he will louse up this mission! He begins his investigation not knowing that the reason why Eliot put him on the case is because the president of Crumb & Crumb is secretly behind this kidnapping of the young heiress, so he actually wants the investigation to fail! Eliot is well aware of Harry's incompetence, and feels that with him on the case, there's no chance that the mission will be a successful one!

In this 1989 crime comedy, John Candy plays a kind of character he was very well known to play, a clumsy but well-meaning and kind-hearted one. He sure was good at this role, but didn't always play it in good movies. This film is unfortunately one of the unfunny ones he starred in. Near the beginning, the part where Harry crashes through the window of an arguing couple made me laugh a little, and what is perhaps the funniest part takes place very shortly after that, when the incompetent detective accuses a woman named Mrs. MacIntyre of having an affair with her own husband! However, I don't think I laughed at all after that, apart from one scene much later in the film, and even that laugh was small. The vast majority of "Who's Harry Crumb?" didn't even make me smile. There's a lot of slapstick here, but it's generally cheap slapstick, and there are also some fairly poor quality lines, such as the really corny "cherry Coke" one. In addition to being unfunny, this movie is also usually quite boring.

"Planes, Trains & Automobiles" is an excellent comedy and definitely the best film I've ever seen John Candy in. "Uncle Buck" is another John Hughes film starring Candy, and I found that one to be pretty good when I saw it for the first time last year. "Who's Harry Crumb?" came out the same year as "Uncle Buck", but sadly, it's significantly weaker. Although Candy basically plays the same kind of character here as he does in the two Hughes comedies I've mentioned, and the late comedian's talent was a big help in both of those, he couldn't save this film. Even if you have found Candy hilarious in certain other works, which I would say I have, you could still easily be disappointed by this particular comedy which he starred in. Many viewers may disagree with my comments on this crime comedy, but I still think it's a mediocre effort, and don't think I will ever really care who Harry Crumb is.

Clumsy and often funny Candy!!Reviewed byelo-equipamentosVote: 6/10

I'm glad to talk about of John Candy,l have almost all his movie even those wasn't so funny,but in this case when he was at its peak of his career is quite good,playing the character as he likes clumsy fat guy,not so smart not so stupid but often funny and enjoyable...in this movie he has the opportunity to prove his worth in a agency that take his family's name, working in a kidnapped case....all embarrassing situations end up a disaster like always...there's a lot of gags and jokes, anyhow l've enjoy the movie...sad to know that John Candy is no longer with us...we're very sorrow about his death.


First watch: 1992 / How many: 6 / Source: TV-Cable TV-DVD / Rating: 6,75

Reviewed bym_donatelloVote: 9/10/10

If you're a fan of the late John Candy (as I am) you will most likely lovethis movie. Candy stars as Harry Crumb, a bumbling detective who comesfroma line of great detectives. In his investigations, he uses a great manydisguises (much like Chevy Chase in "Fletch"). Crumb is totally clueless,and Candy really takes a funny script and makes it even more funny. Themovie doesn't take itself too seriously, and neither should the viewer. Igive this a 9 out of 10 because it kept me laughing the whole waythrough.

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