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Yellow Submarine (1968)

The Beatles agree to accompany Captain Fred in his Yellow Submarine and go to Pepperland to free it from the music hating Blue Meanies.

IMDB: 7.47 Likes

  • Genre: Animation | Adventure
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 87
  • IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 
  • MPR: G
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The Synopsis for Yellow Submarine (1968) 720p

The singing group, The Beatles, at the height of their popularity, made this cartoon of a land that is taken over by the Blue Meanies. They are recruited by an escapee to come and bring joy (and music) back to the land. The techniques are quite psychedelic in the cartoons and much care was taken to have the walks and mannerisms of the individual Beatles cartoons match the originals.

The Director and Players for Yellow Submarine (1968) 720p

[Director]George Dunning
[Role:]Ringo Starr
[Role:]George Harrison
[Role:]Paul McCartney

The Reviews for Yellow Submarine (1968) 720p

Nothing comparable--EVER!Reviewed byarbilabVote: 7/10

What COULD compare? Yellow Submarine is 130,000 frames (90min x 60sec x 24 frames/sec) of classical, pop, tribute (to earlier animation styles), and original art from Da Vinci to Warhol to Picasso to Popeye to unbridled hallucination, drawn to a best-of-Python screenplay of non-sequiturs, puns, and pokes at institutions from cold-war antagonists to (governor) Reagan's paranoid National Guard deployment against counterculturists.

It's a feast for the senses and sensibilities. One can revel in the flashing, dancing colors and art styles--most of which well-shame anything Disney ever attempted and make today's phony-depth digital claptrap look like spilled esophageal reflux. The soundtrack is a condensed spectrum of the range with which Lennon/McCartney/Harrison composed, from deeply contemplative (Eleanor Rigby) to near-post-adolescent exuberance (Harrison's contributions) to silly-love-song filler showtunes (All Together Now). The dialog exchanges keep viewer's verbal senses on the edge of their seats. The theme undercurrents lightheartedly appeal nostalgically to those who were drawn to it in its theatrical release, historically to those who still wonder 'what the 60s was all about', without getting in the way of sheer artistic ebullience.

If you're an adult, it helps to like animation and British-invasion-era music (or Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Rodgers & Hammerstein, for that matter). If you're an adult watching it with your kids (there's nothing offensive), be prepared for them to groan at Disney/Pixar/Nickelodeon rubbish from then on, and say "I want more of THAT!"

This film is no fictionReviewed byteledynVote: 10/10

Pepperland. A far-away fable of a land where people are charming, where string quartets of seniors can sit in the park, flowers in bloom everywhere, butterflies drift by while children dance and play in the sunshine.

You and I remember Pepperland, but it seems so very long ago. The songwriter Randy Newman puts it at Dayton Ohio, 1903. "Long ago when things could grow, the air was clean and you could see, and folks was nice to you" -- our Pepperland was a time when bandstand gazebos in public parks were put to use and the music there enjoyed by all.

The Blue Meanies could not tolerate such open joy. It irked their sense of Order and Control. They sent in the Butterfly Stompers, Hidden Persuaders, Hungry Turks, and the 10 foot barristers they called the Apple Bonkers. Music, the open and shared music commons that gave the sense of community and culture, was collected up and locked away, guarded by dogs and goons, and the cultural heroes enclosed and silenced. Soon Pepperland too was silent, cold as stone, a tear in an eye here and there the only life to be found.

But look around. This is not fiction.

Everyone decries the decay of our civilization. Pollution, crime, vandalism, distrust, lockdowns in the schools, deadbolts on the doors, the homeless everywhere, endless demonstrations, lawyers and regulators at every turn. What happened? How did we get so bonked? As Soft Machine sang, "Why are we sleeping?"

When I recruit players for our community band I tell them of Yellow Submarine. I remind them of that scene where the lads from Liverpool must tip-toe in the night, up past the guards and their dogs, their urgent mission up the hill to break into the sealed-up grand bandstand and the bandroom where the ancient brass-band gear of Sargeant Pepper's band is locked away.

"What happens next," I tell them, "is what WE do." Our job, as community musicians, is to sustain Pepperland.

Marshall Allen tells us, "If you want a better world, you must make a better music." Once upon a time, our streets, our parks and our communities were filled with music. Music we made ourselves, music we made together, for ourselves and our neighbours.

Yellow Submarine is a call to arms; you say you want a Revolution? Unlock the bandrooms, grab the old uniforms, STRIKE UP THE BAND! The Stompers, the Persuaders, the Barrister Bonkers, even the Blue Meanies themselves and their right-hand glovemen cannot stand up to the power of music to bring back the love and wake the people. We all want to change the world, but dig: what good is revolution if you can't dance to it!

By now you've already figured out I'm a huge fan of this film; it's been on my top-films since I saw it in the theatres the first time around. There is already powerful magic in this film, and this new re-release has done more magic of its own to bring the original vision into the twenty-first century. The sound is incredible, the colours astounding, and the added footage completely justified.

Unless you are buried bonked under a mountain of green apples, and especially if you are, you should commit this film to memory, because THIS is how it is done, how we get out of our current societal mess, how we get back to where we once belonged.

A Bonafide British Classic!Reviewed byJohn William H.Vote: 10/10

Yellow Submarine is an LSD trip without the need to take the drug in the first place. It's one of the best films ever to come out of the 60s and one of the most mesmerising animated films of all time. It's got The Beatles; their classic songs; and the animation has never been recaptured in another piece of work. It's a unique time capsule from a simpler generation.

The story's basically this: the Blue Meanies are hellbent on destroying PepperLand, and eradicating music altogether. However, one sailor, named 'Young' Fred, manages to escape the Meanies in a Yellow Submarine: a magical one that can fly and probably transcend time and space for all we know. And Fred must get the help of The Beatles, Paul, John, George and Ringo, to stop the Blue Meanies once and for all!

The story is simple, but the trip we're taken on throughout the movie is exceptionally wonderful. It's oozing with Beatles joy and nostalgia. To put it simply this film is pretty damn flawless.

P.S. I'm glad that CGI motion-captured remake never got to see the light of day. It would have ruined the memory of this film.

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